Body Satisfaction Affirmations

Love yourself, reshape yourself.

Duration: 36 minutes
Author: Harry Henshaw
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A few words about these Body Satisfaction Affirmations

These positive affirmations are a little different to most weight loss affirmations. We've taken a much more positive and holistic approach to weight loss...

Rather than just create a set of affirmations that focus on losing weight, we felt that it was important that you first come to love yourself and the way you look. You are a beautiful person and you deserve to feel great about yourself!

But we also understand that you might want to make improvements to your body. The desire to improve ones self is a natural and very positive impulse, and this positive affirmation program will provide you with plenty of support as you move towards your goals.

Unfortunately, when it comes to weight loss, many people fail to achieve their goals because they subconsciouly sabotage themselves and thwart their own efforts. For example, many some people eat excessively on the days when they are feeling down on themselves, or low in self esteem.

This is why a positive self image is so incredibly important. In order to lose weight (or to achieve any goal in life) you must be filled with self belief and determination - the kinds of qualities that can only be fully experienced by first learning to accept and love yourself for who you are right now.

This calming positive affirmation download will help you to achieve the weight and body shape that you desire, whilst boosting your self esteem and enhancing your sense of self worth. This recording also utilizes the power of theta binaural audio tones to further enhance its effectiveness.