Positive Affirmations For Health

Optimize your health, enhance your wellbeing and feel great!

Duration: 31 minutes
Author: Harry Henshaw
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A few words about these Affirmations For Health

These specially selected positive affirmations for health will help you to improve all aspects of your overall health.

These affirmations focus on enhancing your body's ability to heal and restore itself naturally. But we know that complete health is not just about your physical body. The body and the mind are intimately connected, which is why these affirmations also aim to improve various aspects of your emotional and mental wellbeing too. Complete health means having a healthy body and a healthy mind.

These relaxing affirmations will also help you to feel stronger, more relaxed, and more at one with yourself.

In order to get the most out of these health affirmations, we recommend that you listen to them on a regular basis - they will help you to maintain a state of optimum health throughout the course of your life.

This recording also utilizes the power of theta binaural audio tones to further enhance its effectiveness.